Meet Our Staff

Dr. DeLuca
A dedicated and highly respected surgeon, Dr. DeLuca delivers personalized results with artistry and expertise. Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. DeLuca, is an accomplished innovator in the areas of breast and body contouring and is regarded as an expert in the use of adjustable breast implants. Dr. DeLuca is a featured expert on regarding breast implants. He has authored many scientific articles in major medical journals, and made numerous appearances on both local and national television for his devoted work with breast cancer patients and children with facial deformities.
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Barbara Lesser
Insurance and Billing Coordinator
Barbara has been working with Dr. DeLuca since he first established his practice in 1999. Although her official title is "Insurance and Billing Coordinator", she also assists at the front desk answering phones and greeting patients. Bringing to the practice a great deal of knowledge and experience in plastic surgery, Barbara has a genuine sincerity and compassionate sense that welcomes each patient as they develop a lasting relationship with our practice. She believes that patients recognize and appreciate this personal touch from the moment they first contact the office. Like all members of Dr. DeLuca's staff, Barbara is always available to provide you with the individual attention that you deserve.
Christine Gennarini
Medical Assistant, Operating Room Supervisor
Chris has been with Dr. DeLuca for over five years and, as his medical assistant, works very closely with the doctor and his patients. From your initial consultation to your pre and postoperative visits, she plays an intimate role in guiding you through your surgical experience. Chris also serves as the Operating Room Supervisor, ensuring that our surgical facilities are maintained at the highest level of industry standards. Her foresight and planning prior to your procedure allow for a smooth progression throughout your enhancement. With genuine kindness and consideration for each patient's individual needs, Chris is available to help you at any time.
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Diane Frankle
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Diane brings to Dr DeLuca's practice over 18 years of experience as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She boasts an extensive training background serving as an anesthesia provider for a multitude of hospitals and private facilities. She has been working with Dr. DeLuca for over 6-years, establishing a smooth and uninterrupted flow between doctor and anesthetist. Drawing on her personal experience with plastic surgery, Diane understands the need for a gentle approach to each patient's concerns. She is committed to safely providing your anesthesia in a comfortable and responsible manner.
Jennifer Zak
Certified Scrub Technician (CST)
Jennifer, a native of Dr. DeLuca’s hometown of Cleveland, OH, is a highly capable and knowledgeable asset to the surgical staff. Working closely with Dr. DeLuca in the operating room, she is an invaluable and integral part of the surgical team. Her surgical intuitiveness and knowledge of the procedures facilitates a smooth operation working in sync with Dr. DeLuca. In addition to her surgical responsibilities, Jennifer ensures that the operating room and all of its instruments, supplies and facilities are maintained to an immaculate standard demanded by Dr. DeLuca. Her gentle smile and calming personality will accompany you throughout you operative experience.
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